May I have permission to do something nice for you?

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Because I usually work from a home office, I like to go out every morning and get my coffee.  It’s a nice way to get a little social interaction, a bit of sun, and, to get a good cup of coffee!

So many joke about how we all need our morning coffee (even though I now only drink decaf!), and that we are cranky before we get our daily dose.  But I find that in the mornings, people at my local coffee shop are usually really friendly!  Doors being held, patient waiting for parking spots.  Like what happened recently…

I went in for my coffee, and I always bring my rechargeable card with me.  This particular day, I used my card, and the cashier mentioned that I was $.57 short.  Drat! For whatever reason (parking meters, tipping, etc.), I was completely out of cash!  So, I was getting ready to recharge my coffee card with my credit card when a woman at the register offered to pay for my balance.  I said that no, that wasn’t necessary, but she asked me, and I will always remember, “May I have permission to do something nice for you?” And, rather than fuss about no, no, no, I just said, “Thank You” and wished her a great day.

It reminded me of that scene in the breakfast club when one character asks the other why she is being so nice to her, and the second one answers, “Because you are letting me.”

What an interesting concept, that somehow some of us are not allowing others to do us kindness.  Is it the look on our faces, our fierce independence, our pride?

Isn’t it amazing how good you feel when you do something small for someone?  Honestly, I am going to take a day and do as many kind things as I can, and write about it, and see how I feel at the end of the day. I am going to pay attention.  Maybe it will really stick!

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  • Lara says:

    It’s the little kindnesses like this that really keep us going. When you think about all the things that could really bring us down personally and collectively -stress, tragedy, paid, worry- that an act of kindness, something as simple as a few cents, a smile, a door held open can have such and impact it really does prove that joy is much more powerful than sorrow, positivity more potent than pessimism.

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